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Open Show LA #51: LACP

OPEN SHOW LA is pleased to present a special event in conjunction with the Los Angeles Center of Photography, Saturday March 16th at 11:30am. The LACP Open House will be happening that day with events from 9am-4pm, so please come early and stay later for the activities. There will be portfolio reviews, workshops, a book publishing discussion, food, and of course OPEN SHOW LA(and more).You can find the full event schedule at

OPEN SHOW LA #51: Los Angeles Center of Photography

SHOW DATE: Saturday, March 16, 11:30am-1:00pm

VENUE: LACP | 1515 Wilcox Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028


Mimi Haddon, The Palace Wild,

Peter Bennett, Where We Live,

Robert Bonk, Little Dramas Italy,

Morgan DeLuna, Phenotype,

William Zhang, A Journey In SE Asia


Open Show Los Angeles provides a forum for our local community of visual storytellers to share their projects. Each month photographers, filmmakers and multimedia producers of L.A. gather at different venues around town for an evening of live presentations and lively conversations.


4-6 curated presenters have 15 minutes each to introduce one project. Both ongoing and completed work is accepted. We welcome diverse topics ranging from documentary to fine art.

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